The Nurse Burnout Coach


Dr. Peggy Gleason RN NHD
Certified Integrative Health Coach


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The Caregiver's Coach

Meet Dr.Peggy Gleason

Hi My name is  Dr. Peggy Gleason, I am a Nurse, a  Wife,  Mom, Grandmother and really love people. I love music, laughter and being with my family.

My Passion has always been to help "my own" - Professional Women that have suffered from burnout, fatigue and ill health mentally and physically.  

I have been in the trenches and I know what it is like having NO time for my own self care.

My mission here is to help you - the woman who does it all but wants better health and a better life. 

I am here to teach you how. 


My Specializations

Whole Person Approach to Women's Health 

Prioritizing YOU

Nutrients as Medicine

Gut Health

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Organizing to De-stress

Stress & Tension

Pain Management

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Sleep Difficulties

Time Management


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What Clients Say

      "With Peggy's support and guidance, I have found ways to stay focused and explore new ways in which I can move and have control over what I eat. My muscles have gained strength. Peggy has had an impact on my personal growth in the direction I need to go to be healthy again."

- Carol H  New York


“For the past year,  I have been exploring possibilities for my future working with Peggy as my coach.  The personal growth and clarity that has been accomplished is immeasurable.  With Peggy’s guidance,  I have found ways to shake off old ideas and thoughts that were clouding my life. She has taught me how to work on being present in my life so I don’t miss any of it.      Jane E – Maryland

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"