Dr. Peggy Gleason

Certified Integrative Health/Life/Nutrition Coach

Hi, my name is Dr. Peggy Gleason, I am also a Nurse, Wife, Mom, Grandmother and

really love people. I love music, laughter and being with my family.

My Passion has always been to help "my own" - Professional Women that have stuggled

with their health in many ways due to eating poorly and carrying around excess weight.

I understand. Having worked in the Health Care Industry, there was very little time to

take time for healthy meals, resulting in a "grab and go" style of eating for years.

My solution is NOT another "diet"! "Calm Cravings, Lose Weight and Make Peace With Food"

is for the woman who does it all but wants better health, less weight and a better life.

I am here to teach you how.

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